ISO 9000:2015 - Quality Management

Our Mission

J & J Trailers is committed to ongoing research and development to further upgrade and perfect our product lines in order to provide our clients with the highest possible value.

Our Goal

Our ultimate goal is to provide premium quality, well-built trailers at cost effective prices by combining developmental engineering and design with high quality materials, components, manufacturing processes and outstanding support.

  • We demand the best for our Customers
  • We understand our customers' requirements
  • We always put our customers first

Quality Policy

J&J Trailers professional staff is committed to satisfy client and other applicable including regulatory requirements for high quality product, great service, fast time to market and to continually improve our QMS. The quality policy is:

  • Available and be maintained as documented information.
  • Communicated, understood and applied within J&J Trailers.
  • Available to relevant interested parties, as appropriate.


  • High quality product defined by operational performance, warranty costs, returns and customer satisfaction.
  • Great service is measured by response to customer enquiries, on time delivery and response to customer complaints.
  • Professional staff requires qualified experienced people supported with appropriate ongoing training and the best available technology.
  • The QMS is improved by implementing the system as a process, in a well-equipped, safe facility that encourages staff to be effective and innovative.
  • When management determines the need for changes to the QMS, the changes will be carried out in a planned manner.