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John Deere Industrial Yellow

Omaha Orange

Rogers Red

M.F. Red

Commercial Red

Commercial Blue

Dorssers Green

Platinum Grey


Havana Brown

Toronto Star Blue

Kubota arrange

School Buss Yellow

Miller Brown

Old Cat yellow


Grey charcoal metallic

Fire Red

Car Hauler Trailers 5th Wheel

7 Car Carrier/Hauler Trailer


Quality, Customizable Car Hauler Trailers in Toronto

Are you looking for a durable, customized car hauler trailer in Toronto? Stop by J&J Trailers today. Our experienced J&J Team knows that your job relies on a dependable trailer, which we are more than happy to provide you with. Our trailers are designed for ease of loading and transportation–out of our variety of options, you're sure to find one that will suit your needs.

Your Choice Do you want something more heavy-duty than your average trailer? Each of our car hauler trailers in Toronto come with add-on options and customizable features. We build our trailers according to your specifications, which makes them ideal for any work or weight. Whether you want specific features or custom design work, our team will go the extra mile to satisfy your hauling needs.

Our Advantage If your work depends on a fully-functioning trailer, don't worry–at J&J, we offer only high-quality, durable trailers. Each of our car hauler trailers is built to last, and each comes with a 3-year structural and year-long parts warranty.

We'll leave some specifications up to you, such as width and length. But we'll also work with you closely to make sure your customized trailer is perfect for the work you have in mind.

Whether you're moving cars cross-country or just around the corner, you can rely on our car hauler trailers to get the job done. We also offer customized financing and leasing options so your hauling venture can go off without a hitch. Browse through our options to get an idea of what you might want, then contact J&J Trailers for a quote or more information today.


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