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John Deere Industrial Yellow

Omaha Orange

Rogers Red

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Havana Brown

Toronto Star Blue

Kubota arrange

School Buss Yellow

Miller Brown

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Flat Bed Air Brakes Trailers 5th Wheel

Tri Axle Flat Deck FB3


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If you are looking for a flat deck trailer, we have seven standard options for you to choose from. Each flat deck trailer for sale is painted to your preference and comes with a three year warranty in Canada. Our parts are all high-quality, from top local brands like Goodyear Tires, Hercules, Holland, Hendrickson®, Grote®, Carlisle® Tires and more. We also give you options and add-ons with each flat deck trailer for increased customization.

The standard qualities of each of our flat deck trailers are listed below, along with the optional features we provide. Click on each picture of any flat deck trailer for a larger image, and please email or call in for more information about any of our models. Each of our models is reliable, reasonably priced, and available when you need it!

Whatever your needs may be, our flat deck trailers are built for the job!


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