Colors available

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John Deere Industrial Yellow

Omaha Orange

Rogers Red

M.F. Red

Commercial Red

Commercial Blue

Dorssers Green

Platinum Grey


Havana Brown

Toronto Star Blue

Kubota arrange

School Buss Yellow

Miller Brown

Old Cat yellow


Grey charcoal metallic

Fire Red

Drop Deck Equipment and Cargo Trailers 5th Wheel & Gooseneck

Tri Axle + Tandem Steer Step/Drop Deck 5th Wheels SD3+2


JJ Trailers’ Fabricated Step Deck Semi-Trailer, 3 Axles stationary + 2 Axles Steering Air Ride Air Brakes, 53ft OAL, Reverse-O-Matic, ABS, T100 Steel, HD Frame, Aluminum Wheels, LED Lights, King Pin, HD Holland Mark V Jacks, Portable Aluminum Ramps, Sandblasted, Epoxy Primed, Urethane Top Coat Painted......and much more…


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